Acrobat 2000 - Articulated arm - Ondal

The ACROBAT® 2000 is a spring arm product range for weights from 1.5 to 21 kg. It has been specially developed for the convenient carrying of lights, cameras, medical apparatus and flat screen monitors. The system provides an easy and smooth movement of the adapted equipment. End devices can be placed into the position best suited to the operator‘s need due to the combination of the horizontally moveable extension arm and height adjustable spring arm.

Assisted motion technology up to 21 kg.

ACROBAT® 2000 system is available as single or dual ceiling mount, as wall mount or floor version on a mobile stand. The spring arm ACROBAT® 2000 is also suitable for Central Axis and Central Axis Slim Line.

Load and height adjustment can be changed at any time without dismantling the system. The variable height adjustment helps to avoid collisions with the ceiling.

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Compatible with the monitor support YK500 of Medical PM

Movement – As light as a feather

The unique HDC unlimited Technology of Ondal allows a direct transmission of HD-SDI signals without delay. HDC unlimited Technology also allows the rotation of flat screen pendant systems without stop.

Non-stop rotation with simultaneous transmission of power and video signals is provided by slip ring commutators in the rotating joints. This allows lights and cameras to be positioned completely flexibly.

The standard ACROBAT® 2000 system is equipped with exact parallel guidance to maintain the alignment of the end devices. Operating lights can be held exactly at their point of focus while being adjusted.

Several interfaces are available for the connection of devices like surgical or exam lights and flat screen monitors. Upon request, we also develop individual connection elements according to customer requirements, including integrated power and signal transmission.