Medical PM is a company specializing in monitors,  video integration, sale, periodic maintenance and installation of articulated arms, service managers and booms as well as in medical gas maintenance.

Your trusted partner

Medical PM is 30 years of expertise in the field of medical equipment. Outstanding service and quality products. Contact us for more details.

Video systems

We offer an integrated video system reliable and affordable allowing upgrade to a 4 K monitor for O.R., ICU and Endoscopy rooms.

We have developed a universal monitor support (yoke) with assisted movement. We also develop medical accessories used in operating room such as our Yankauer support.

Prevention is better than cure

Periodic maintenance is possible in the evenings and weekends to limit the closing time of operating rooms and care units. Our inspections in 25 points optimizes the functionality of your equipment at all times.

Sale and distribution

Medical equipment,  video systems and accessories

Integrated video systems

Monitor support, HD and 4K monitors and video systems


Video systems, medical equipment and gas hoses


Give yourself reliability for an affordable price. Contact us for a quote.