Monitor Support YK500 – MPM

The YK500 has been designed to allow video screen upgrades; it considerably reduces the migration cost should you purchase new video equipment or upgrade to new monitors or articulated arms. YK500 minimizes installation time which eliminates the need of OR and Endoscopy shut down.
Specifically created to assist monitor upgrades, the YK500 spring arm interface is adaptable to most available spring arms on the market. It also avoids the replacement of the entire monitor support when comes time to install a new monitor flat panel.

YK500 for which monitors ?

Compatible with 23’’, 26’’ and 32’’ monitors, the YK500 can adapt to many screen dimensions thanks to its unique hanging feature, fitting on several models.
Compatible with 23’’, 26’’ and 32’’ monitors
Monitor Support - Médical-PM

Products / YK500

YK500 is compatible with the following articulated arms:
  • Ondal ™
  • Dräger ™
  • Stryker ™
  • Heraeus ™
  • Dr Mach ™
  • ALM Medical ™
  • Berchtold ™
Monitor Support - YK500-02 - Médical-PM

It’s all in the handle…

The YK500 is equipped with an adaptor for sterile handle that can be installed to the right or to the left of the monitor, according to user’s preference.

Thanks to our adaptor, this handle can fit the same sterile handle that is used by most light manufacturers. This asset avoids the use of different sterile handles in the rooms, eases the sterilization process as well as simplifies stock inventory and manipulations.

Should you install a new surgical light, the YK500 part receiving the sterile handle can be replaced to fit with the new light sterile handle.

We are developing a sterile handle adaptor fitting with the following surgical lights:
  • Stryker ™
  • Dr Mach ™
  • Berchtold ™
  • ALM Medical ™
  • Heraeus ™
  • Steris ™
Monitor Support - YK500-03 - Médical-PM
Monitor Support - YK500-04 - Médical-PM

Included with the YK500:

  • Spring arm interface
  • Yoke YK500
  • Sterile handle adaptor extension
  • HeraeusTM sterile handle adaptor
  • Splash guard


  • Sterile handle adaptor for other brands than HeraeusTM surgical lights
  • Tailored cover according to flat panels