IPS 1000A – HD video system – Control OR – FSN

Take control of the variety of imaging equipment that is pres- ent in today’s medical environment. The ability to standardize and control video signals is essential, especially with the need to share a common video display system. Control OR can scale, format, and split video signals based upon what is needed. The system features 10 input and 5 output capability.

Key Features
  • Simultaneous distribution of signal sources to one or more displays
  • Input/output connections using analog, digital and fiber standards
  • Picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, picture-on-picture capabilities
  • Configure video distribution via touch screen tablet interface
  • Upgrades and maintains signal integrity
Video system IPS1000A Control OR - FSN
IPS1000A - Video systems - Control OR - FSN

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Harness the power of Control OR by using the intuitive interface on FSN’s touch screen tablet. User settings can be saved and recalled later for instant customization. A secure docking station is available to hold and charge the tablet.